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What causes chronic fatigue in men?

Chronic Fatigue Causes

What causes chronic fatigue syndrome in men? While Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is more often diagnosed in women, it can also occur in men. This debilitating condition can affect anyone, regardless of their sex, age or race. Most commonly, it is found in adult, middle-aged women, but many new cases are springing up in the male population. This illness can be caused by a variety of reasons, some psychological and some physical. For many people, the illness is caused by a combination of factors that have to do with both mental health and physical health.


chronic fatigue in menDepression can be a major cause of chronic fatigue symptoms. After a while, some people simply give up. They have been depressed for so long without help, that they simply resign themselves to this feeling. The depression eventually snowballs into chronic fatigue syndrome. Medical intervention may help these people. Anti-depressants and dietary changes can also help them to find relief. Talking with a licensed and qualified therapist that has been trained to deal with depression can do wonders in conjunction with pharmaceutical treatments. The need to use pills or simply to change diet should be decided by the individual involved.

Lyme Disease

Many health care workers are now realizing that Lyme Disease is wildly under diagnosed. Many people with chronic fatigue syndrome and other symptoms such as fibromyalgia, actually suffer from Lyme Disease. This disease is especially prevalent in the Northeastern section of the United States. It is transferred to humans through the bite of an infected tick. The ticks that carry this disease are deer ticks and can be the size of a poppy side. While an estimated 80% of those infected by Lyme will have a bulls-eye rash appear near the bite point, this is not always the case. Many sufferers will never even no they have been bit as the tick will fall off before they realize. The CDC states that the tick has to be on the person for at least 24 hours but many are calling this into question as the CDC used to say 72 hours and then 36 hours. The incidence of this disease is set to explode in the United States as warmer weather brings out more ticks.

One of the unfortunate circumstances of this disease is that the tests are not reliable. Many people will test positive falsely and just as many will give a false negative. Men who are suffering from the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome would be wise to look into treatment for Lyme Disease. Antibiotics can be followed by dietary changes and an herbal regimen. While the body will never be completely free of the disease, it can be managed so that the person will no longer notice the symptoms. Symptoms such as aches and arthritis and headaches and exhaustion may all point to Lyme. Neurological symptoms can also be caused by Lyme. Many doctors in areas of the country where the disease is not prevalent are apt to misdiagnose and then mistreat.

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