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Extreme Fatigue

Extreme Fatigue

Telltale Signs You Might Be Suffering From Extreme Fatigue

Ever felt exhausted after doing chores you regularly do without breaking a sweat? If you feel faint during most the day and easily run out of breath after walking a few blocks, then you might be suffering from extreme fatigue. Exhaustion is caused by a wide array of factors, which have become increasingly common nowadays.

The Telltale Signs

If you are suddenly suffering from dizzy spells and faintness even if you haven’t done anything that requires a lot of effort and energy, then there is a high chance that you are suffering from severe exhaustion. This makes it more difficult for the heart to pump out oxygen-rich blood into the brain and other parts of the body, making you feel faint and easily tired.

Tiredness is also accompanied by a rapid heart rate, which is also another reason for feeling faint or dizzy. Your heart tries its best to deliver adequate amounts of blood to the body, which causes the heart to beat faster. You can experience a rapid heart rate after extensive physical activities or when exposed to heat. If you are suffering from extreme fatigue, your body will find it difficult to return to a normal heart rate, which will cause various complications.

Stress is a factor that can cause severe tiredness and it is also another telltale sign that this condition will stop you from accomplishing your daily tasks. Environmental factors and your work and living conditions are just some of the common elements that cause stress. Understanding what stresses you and eliminating them will the best solution to avoid suffering from chronic exhaustion due to stress.

Through proper rest and nutrition, you can get over extreme exhaustion and start living a life filled with energy and enthusiasm. You should always remember that the body could only take a specific amount of stress and expend a specific amount of energy before it grows tired and needs time for recuperation. Becoming sensitive to your need for adequate rest and relaxation will help protect yourself from suffering extreme fatigue.

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