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MCTD Mouth Sores Ulcers

If you are experiencing one of the symptoms that mixed connective tissue disease brings like MTCD mouth sores ulcers, it is best for you to get treatment for it right away. Not dealing with this disease does more damage to your body; it can be very harmful for you and could even be fatal.

Mixed Connective Tissue Disease Discovery

Sharp and his colleagues were the first who discovered or recognized mixed connective tissue disease (MTCD) or Sharp’s syndrome in 1972. Most of the patients suffering from this disease also experiences overlapping symptoms of myositis, scleroderma, and systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE).

After years of research, its core laboratory and clinical features have been established; and they are composed of pulmonary hypertension, myositis, esophageal dysmotility, acrosclerosis, arthralgia/arthritis, swollen hands, and Raynaud phenomenon. In addition, the presence of antibodies against U1-70 kd small nuclear ribonucleoprotein (snRNP) and high level of anti-U1-RNP antibodies can lead to mixed connective tissue disease diagnosis. However, as of now, the main cause of MCTD is still unknown.

MCTD Mouth Ulcers

The following list contains the most common symptoms that patients diagnosed with mixed connective tissue disease experiences; they are sorted according to the frequency of their presence in each patient diagnosed:

  • Raynaud phenomenon – 96%
  • Arthralgia/arthritis – 96%
  • Esophageal hypomotility – 66%
  • Pulmonary dysfunction – 66%
  • Swollen hands – 66%
  • Myositis – 51%
  • Rash – 53%
  • Leukopenia – 53%
  • Sclerodactyly – 49%
  • Pleuritis/pericarditis – 43%
  • Pulmonary hypertension – 23%
Most common symptoms patients diagnosed with MCTD

Most common symptoms patients diagnosed with MCTD

MCTD Epidemiology

A few epidemiological studies have been done in certain countries for MCTD. In Japan, it has been reported that out of a million people, 27 have been diagnosed to have mixed connected tissue disease. As of now, no official survey has been done in the United States for this disease. On another note, the most common cause of deaths related to this medical condition is pulmonary hypertension. Asides from that, the minority of deaths is caused by the infections brought by mixed connective tissue disease.


In addition, no race is immune to MCTD, and the manifestations of this condition are the same regardless of the ethnic origin of the patient. On the other hand, the male to female ratio of mixed connective tissue disease is 1:10, but some other sources claim that it is 1:4. Typically, the onset of this disease can occur at any age. However, it is very common that people who are under the age range of 15 to 25 are more prone to this disease.

Possible Treatment

The treatment of mixed connective tissue disease depends on which features are causing the symptoms being experienced by a patient. Typically, the treatments’ goal is to reduce the impact the disease has brought to the organs of the person who is suffering from mixed connective tissue disease. To prevent any severe damage to your body, immediately get checked if you are experiencing any of the disease’s symptoms.

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