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Living Alone After Divorce – How to Move On (Men & Women)

Whether you’re an ex-husband or an ex-wife, if you’ve just gotten divorced, you know firsthand how difficult it can be living alone after divorce. Instead of having two paychecks, you have just one now. You’ve likely suffered a downgrade in lifestyle. If you didn’t win custody of the children, you likely live without anyone to share your home. Living alone after divorce is definitely difficult but it’s not something you can’t survive.

10 Tips Living Alone After a Divorce (Men and Women)

First, don’t let yourself stew in resentment.

Get out there and try a new venture. Jogging can help you clear your mind if you’ve decided to try and get fit. It may even be the first step to meeting someone new.

Second, consider seeing a psychologist.

After a divorce, you’ll find yourself emotionally and mentally wounded whether you’re willing to admit it or not. Seeing a psychologist can help heal those scars and help you let go of the bitterness in the past.

Third, try talking to friends who have also undergone divorce.

If you have buddies who’ve gone through the same thing, they can offer you advice on how to cope. This kind of wisdom is valuable especially if you feel like you’ve hit rock bottom.

Fourth, don’t hurry back into dating.

You have to prepare yourself before you dip your toes back in the water. If you’re not ready to make new romantic attachments yet, that’s completely understandable. When the time is right, you’ll know when to dive back in.
Life After Divorce

Fifth, get your finances in order.

After a divorce, it’s common to have a lot of debt from expenses on your lawyer. It’s good to sit down and really analyze your budget. Get that debt paid off as soon as possible so you have one less thing weighing on you from the divorce.

Sixth, find reasons to celebrate so you can cultivate a positive mindset.

It may be tempting to skip celebrating your first birthday as a newly-divorced spouse but don’t let your sadness get the better of you. Invite some friends over and talk to them about the good times. This will help you build wonderful new memories that will help take your mind off your worries.

Seventh, try spending some time volunteering for the less fortunate.

When you help out at a place like a homeless shelter, you end up feeling more fulfilled. It helps banish feelings of worthlessness that may seep in from time to time after your divorce.

Eighth, exercise more.

As was earlier suggested, getting fit is a nice new venture to get into. It’s especially good since being fit will make you more attractive. You’ll be single and ready to mingle in no time.

Ninth, stop living in the past.

It may be tempting to go back and reminisce on the good times you had with your ex but this will just lead you into a downward spiral. Don’t focus on what you’ve lost. There’s no use crying over spilled milk.

And finally, learn to forgive.

You may hold a grudge against your ex-spouse but, in the end, holding that grudge will hurt you more than it hurts them. Let go of the negative feelings so you can move on.

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    1. Sam says:

      I feel like I’m living in hell. I just can’t though the pain !!! I miss my ex wife and my family.

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