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How to recover from mental fatigue?

You might feel that your life is simply too stressful. You might feel mentally exhausted every day by life. If you feel this way, it can be quite difficult to move forward. This kind of exhaustion permeates every action, and it can truly make you miserable. Fortunately, there are ways to deal with mental fatigue. If you take the time try out these steps, you may well be able to change your life.

Take Time Alone

If you are mentally exhausted, you need to take a bit of time to yourself. On your next weekend off, go on a trip. Take no one along, and leave work and worries behind. You may well need some time to reassess your life and your priorities if you can no longer deal with how your life is going. It is especially important to go alone at this time, as you might need to simply take care of yourself for once. Many individuals find that they are overwhelmed by the demands of others, so you can take the chance to actually focus on fixing yourself for once. You may not be successful if you choose to bring others along.

Take Time Off

If work is contributing to your mental fatigue, you should take time off. Use whatever vacation time you might have to simply push work away. Make it very clear that you will not be working while you are on, and simply focus on relaxing. You should take the time to work on yourself, not your job. If you find that your work is causing too much stress, you may want to look into a new field. After all, nothing is worth giving up your health.


As goes the body, so goes the mind. If you find yourself mentally exhausted, you might want to take some time taking care of your body. Get out and walk every night. Hit the gym. Play a pick up game of basketball if that is what works for you. Whatever you do, get your body moving. Sitting around and concentrating on your fatigue will not help, but allowing your body to get the exercise it needs might. This is also a great time to simply shut off your mind and be physical, and a good time to allow your body to release the mood elevating chemicals that it needs. At the very least, you may be able to coax yourself into a state of blissful physical exhaustion, one that frequently will overtake your mental worries and give you a sound night’s sleep when you are done.


Tai Chi a Chinese Meditation

Tai Chi, a Chinese Meditation, is an amazing recovery from mental fatigue.

You may not be the kind of person that typically meditates, but this is simply one of the best solutions for mental fatigue. Meditation is all about clearing your mind and relaxing your body – two things that every person suffering from mental fatigue desperately needs. Try to set aside at least twenty minutes a night for relaxed meditation. Try a guided program if necessary, or simply enjoy the quiet on your own. If you are the kind of person that needs to be on the go all the time, you may even want to schedule this as part of your daily activities to feel as if you have accomplished something. You might be surprised by how refreshed you feel after you have finished. There is one word of warning – if you feel like you have to force the meditation, it will only lead to more stress.

There are no guarantees that any of these methods will work, but they are quite effective for most. The key to all the methods is just simply taking time to make sure that you can concentrate on yourself instead of the rest of the world. If you are able to truly take this sort of time, you can beat your fatigue. If you try these methods and they do not work, you might want to take the time to visit a physician to talk about your issues.

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