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What to do for Upper Back Muscle Spasms?

Those upper back spasms you experience result from engaging in strenuous physical activities. A spasm usually happens at your upper back, specifically on the huge muscles that are supporting your body. So, here’s what you can do to get rid of the upper back muscle spasms.

Remedies for Upper Back Spasm

Heat Therapy

  1. You can obtain relief from upper back spasms with heat compress such as hot towels and hot tabs or by taking hot showers. Heat application relieves stiffness by escalating collagen elasticity and flexibility of the affected muscles.
  2. Heating pads could also be used. These pads relieve spasms by causing muscle relaxation and dilation of your blood vessels. This helps increase blood vessel permeability which allows more oxygen and nutrients to be transported to the cells of your muscles.

Ice Therapy

Ice application also helps relieving pain from muscle spasm. Cold compress numbs your nerve endings and helps to stop inflammation. These are usually used after exercising which is commonly the time when muscle spasms take place.


Aside from these noninvasive approaches, here’s what you can do to relieve pain from your upper back spasms.  You can take medications such as hydrocortisone and anti-inflammatory drugs. Some of these products are available in tablets and topical ointments. Ointments are more advisable to use because they work directly on the affected area once they are applied. These substances inhibit arachidonic acid secretion from the injured cells. This prevents migration of inflammatory chemicals to the affected muscles; thus, preventing muscle spasm.

Natural Remedy

  1. Upper Back PainStretching exercises are considered as the best noninvasive methods. These are best done every morning or before starting your daily routine. These activities allow proper oxygen transportation to your upper back muscles throughout the day.
  2. Relaxation techniques can be added to make these remedies more effective. Deep breathing exercises, yoga, and sleep promote not just rest and relaxation, but proper blood circulation as well.  More importantly, refrain from activities and positions that cause strain to your upper back so that these remedies would work more quickly.

Treatment is only good to fix the on-going problem. In a long run however, you are encouraged to read 6 simple tips to delay muscle fatigue for a more sustainable prevention.

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