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Scleroderma is autoimmune illness. It happened when the system of immune in the body attacked its own health. It called Systemic Sclerosis when Scleroderma had covered the whole skin.

The scientist recently found some evidence that human genes are the prominent factors to cause the disease. It is common to find scleroderma in patient’s families. Scleroderma often attacked women than men. They also found that Scleroderma also triggered by the enviroment. Environmental hygiene should be maintaned in order to prevent the disease. It is important to meet your doctor if the disease symptoms appeared.

Scleroderma classification

Scleroderma can be classified in terms of degree and the involved skin location. It has been categorized into two major groups, namely

1. Diffuse

The visible symptoms of diffuse scleroderma is a symetric pattern of thick skin in particular area such as feet, hands, face and torso.

2. Limited

Limited form of scleroderma tends attacked the fingers and face skin area.

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